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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Reason Why

I feel free with you

No longer in that cage that has held me captor for so long

My heart soars when I think about you

And I don’t care what other people say about us

To me, this feels right and that’s all that matters

You are my wings

That helped me escape

From the darkness

That was slowly engulfing me

All the pain and sorrow just melted away

And all I feel is happiness and love for you

No one is as important to me the way you are to me

You taught me what it’s like to fly through the stars

All I thought about was death

My world was empty

Loneliness was all I knew

Until I met you

You are the reason why I still want to live

Shadow’s Death


The Dog

I am not English,
But lost in an English country,
I use it to express myself…,
I don’t know how,
Or worse,
I don’t know what,
Or even this
Can this be expressed,
Since emptiness is inexpressible in words,
So my clumsiness is evermore symbolic.
Lost from myself, my roots, my youth, my culture,
Rottening full  of the same Angst,
But worse than the old Kierkegaard.

I still have my dog.



Temptation’s Door

Everytime I bleed, I bleed for you
And everytime I cry it’s because of you
Want to know everything will be just perfect But life just ruins it.

I’ve scratched your name into my arm way too many times times And I’ve grown dead inside I’ve become nothing inside.

I would have sung for you,
And been damn good for you.

It would have changed your perspective,
And changed my ways,
But knowing I could, would make it just perfect.

Lead me not into temptation,
I can find the way myself,
Because you were right there waiting,
Just whistling a tune whilst my broken voice, chants our name.

I think we have an emergency,
Are you listening.


This is a poem which reflects my past relationships and how stupid I was to take things so seriously when I had everything I wanted right in front of me.
I would just like to say thank you to my partner jamie!


Temple Dream

Damn the day! fade away, ruthless rays of light!
Make apparent every flaw of my endless fight.

Finding refuge in the folds of
darkness , love thee kiss and hold…

close the door, turn out the night.
Kiss the softest breath of night.

Temple dream, I dance AGAIN!
The flames, my lovers never burn me.

Warmest night winds push and pull.
Liquid visions softly turn me.


Suicide Note

Sorry! For all I’ve done
I won’t get in your way
And by the time you read this
On my death bed I’ll lay

I’m worthless and lonely
So I think this is for the best
I needed to kill myself
And put myself to rest

Not like anyone will care
Or anyone will bother
I was just a silly kid
Who was hated by his mother

I do not want a funeral
Don’t go to the expense
Just chuck me away in the garbage
You know that it makes sense

Give all my stuff to the poor
And burn all the pictures of me
I don’t want anyone to know
That I’ve been so cowardly

this is one i wrote two years ago when i ran away because of my mom sayin that she never wants to see me again. I was found on the highway by the police because of my dad. so I guess that I owe him a BIG one. Thanks pops, for everythin.