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Monthly Archives: December 2010


I am a tower
I have entrances and exits,
I stand tall.
I stand for or against.
When cannon balls are thrown against my sides,
I stand against.
No admittance allowed.
When causes are thrown against my brain,
I stand for.
I am open to new ideas;
I stand for sale,
for knowledge and belonging.
I stand for love I stand for understanding
I stand up when it is polite
because I know that my individuality is not compromised by courtesy.
I stand firm against the pouring ashtray human
who stands a shoulder away from my right side
I shut my doors to the invading smoke
the pagan hordes envious of this Babel.
I am everything that ever was.
All of history has touched my being.
I stand as tall as the God that would strike me down.
Within my walls live an eternity of progression,
of circular flow, of jagged lines of history
that will never line up but allow no correction.
I am nothing new,
just a composition of stock phrases and clichés and thoughts had by others.
I hang like a Piet Mondrian abstraction;
I am someone else’s piece of art.
My thoughts are not mine, they are yours.
The cigarette next to me, it is mine now,
consumed particle by particle,
deconstructed by my neighbor’s lighter,
rebuilt within my standing walls.
My lungs, my thoughts,
belong now to the cigarette that no longer exists.
How many walls have I? 4 is not quite right.
A million sounds appropriate, but 3 is more like it.
The minimum possible to make me a shape with enclosed area.
I have no roof,
I began much below the floor.
I stand in acceptance of those things that can influence me positively.
I stand against smoking.
I allow thoughts to flow into my lungs, my blood, I live by them.
I allow them to change me, to shorten, lengthen, or enhance my life.
I am a smoker.
I lay down, I am not impervious to you.
You can leave me standing or tear me down.
I lay destroyed, unable to cope with this lack of control.
I lay forgotten, serving no visible purpose,
doing nothing but holding up the earth that hides me, that holds you.
Your tower stands in my place.
I am stone.
I have no walls, but what I have can never be torn down.
I am a manifestation of Nature,
impervious to destruction,
impervious to mortality.
I am nothing without you.
I stand eternal.



I am always alone
nobody calls me on the phone
i cant talk to my dad cause he’ll just scream at me
my mother lives far away and i doubt that she’ll be
concerned with anyone else
besides herself
my hopes and dreams are
best put on the shelf
best forgotten about cause
all i want to do is hang out with people tonight
but i cant do that without starting some dumb fight
it doesn’t matter, even if i believe that im right
because at the end of the day
i still lose
left by myself with nothing to say
loneliness is not something that you choose


A glass wall separates me from my site.

So that the world teasingly dangles in front of me,

Knowing that I can’t touch it.

Knowing that I only await waiting to

Waiting for the tiger, clawing fervently underneath my skin

to find an exit,  to find freedom, but mostly,




No one can see what weighs me down,

I’m asking for help, lift me up or I’ll drown.

This may be my final night,

I’ll breathe my last breath and conclude my life.

I’m alone and scared,

In the cold winter ice.

Begging for a hand

To save me from my strife.

If only you had shown your love for me,

Then maybe, just maybe,

It wouldn’t have ended like this.


Maybe Tonight

Maybe tonight is the night

When my pain will cease for good.

Maybe tonight is the night,

When I will end it; maybe I should.

Maybe tonight someone will notice

The chains that I am bound by.

Maybe tonight all this pain,

Maybe tonight, maybe it’ll all die.

Maybe tonight I will find happiness,

In a place far from here.

Maybe tonight, finally,

It’ll all become clear

Maybe tonight I’ll pick up my blade,

And put it to my throat.

Maybe tonight this will mean something,

This poem I wrote.