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Monthly Archives: November 2010

My Prayer

Hello Most High its me again
I’ve been praying for years and I still don’t have a life, love and friends
Everytime people came into my life they tried to use me or abuse me
Most High Please tell me why
For my soul is crying
And my faith is getting weak
Trying to hold on to life
Help me please!!
Come hold my heart because there is no one in my life
Please tell me that everything is going to be alright
I’m hurting
And I’m so lonely
Could this just be a test?
A storm that will pass?
Or is this a lifetime of pain?
Why me?
My mother use to abuse me mentally and physically
Everytime I cried out “Please love me!”
She would just laugh at me
Brothers and sisters over the years joined in to hurt me
It made them smile when I cried or got angry
The last person I had left was my father
After a couple of months he showed his hate for me
I remember getting real angry saying ” You’re all I had left! I needed you! Why are you doing this to me!”
Most High you remember when I had to cut them out of my life 7 years ago
The demons they obviously enjoyed within themselves was slowly killing me
To this day I still cry so that I wont become angry and bitter
Trying to heal the deep scars that are deep within my mind and heart
But Most High I cannot heal without you
Please answer my prayers
You created me
I pray that you created me to help others in this cruel evil world
And to be free, to live, and be happy!
Forgive me for begging for that is my soul crying out to you
I love you with all my heart
All I have is you
Please don’t forsake me


What’s it like over there,
With that manicured body and that perfect hair,

Tired of all your dates,
Wish you could just chill at home some night,

Hard to keep track of it all,
Sick of all that time at the mall,

Friends annoying and loud,
Wish you could find a different crowd,

Well, try it my way,
Try being alone

every night and every day,

Oh, sure a few real friends,

but NO ONE to go home to. Not even a tormentor for company

It hurts. I’ll trade mine for yours any day.

The Poison Within


A Place of No More


My fear is here
A place of no rest
Can’t place down this fear
Nor stand up to lifes test
Just hours of nothing
A chair or the floor
Sitting and gutting
A place of no more




So, here we are alone again
But we’ve always been alone on memory send
The last time was so bad
I thought it was you I had
But i didn’t have anything, what everyone else has

I don’t have anything

So i cried blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart. just an empty space

The streets filled with souls
And I’ll walk alone
No destination in mind, no goals
Avoid walking near your workplace
In case I see your face
I swear if i did i’d cry
These tears of blood of mine

So i’ll cry blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart, just an empty space

So i’ll cry tears for you
Warm, burning on my skin
Overspill this hate too
Don’t need a heart where i’m in

Don’t want to fall in love
Don’t want to fall in love again