Web of Loneliness Poems

Poems of the Lonely


Hurting inside, no one to talk to
to talk this mood through with,
I am used to this solitary introspection
but it still hurts.
After all this time of being alone-
all the months, seasons, people behind me
I still don’t get used to the loneliness.

Shouldn’t it be enough that I was loved
for a brief moment in time, wasn’t I held
close in someone’s heart, didn’t I
feel the joy that only love can inspire, weren’t
we one, if only for one long afternoon,
weren’t we?

The familiar torrent of distant memories only brings me home
where my dreams unravel and my sleep is fitful
to this empty place where only I live.
no friend’s laughter to cheer me up
nor sparkle in the mirror when I look at me
no love crackling in my veins
or passion kindling my heart.

I am alone
comfortless and cold

by Abby D.

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