Web of Loneliness Poems

Poems of the Lonely

Doesn’t Anyone Know?

Doesn’t anyone know

About the horror still inside me

because I put it all on the line

and she let me put her on my shoulders, then betrayed me

and stole my soul away?

Doesn’t anyone know?

When you love someone that much

She can betray you but you can’t stop loving her

Is it a sickness?

Or does she still have too much of my heart?


Doesn’t anyone know?

How it feels as though that piece of your heart that you left with her

maybe never will come back?

Maybe you’ll never get your spirit back…

Maybe you’ll never feel you spark again

Maybe you’ll feel this bad forever,

And it’s been so long since you’ve felt good at all

Doesn’t anyone know?


I keep thinking why do I want her love back

Can’t I see how the things she did to me were so wrong

But I keep remembering

All the great times we had

How I prayed for her and cared for her soul

How I thought she cared for me for a time, too

And the way I felt about us.


Doesn’t anyone know

When you love that much and she steals your soul

you can’t get it  back to where it was?

Will I ever not want her back the way she was?

Can I ever let go of who she was when things were good?

Can I ever go on if she never comes back and makes it right again?


Doesn’t anyone know…

that the worst thing is to realize

Maybe she never was who I thought anyway…

And I am really just a fool…

Who gave his heart away to no one.

because I wasn’t smart enough to know she wasn’t real

so I just might not deserve to get it back…


Doesn’t anyone know?

Please answer me…

Doesn’t anyone know…

Please won’t you tell me…

that you’ve felt this kind of loneliness, too.



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