Web of Loneliness Poems

Poems of the Lonely


Alone: apart, you are with no one; full of only yourself and your own thoughts.

Alone: forgetting god is always here. God is always here, we are never really alone but…


Lonely: Reaching for anything, making things up,talking to the kitty cat, I am having nightmares, and forgetting:

Forgetting all the people that love me.


Lost: someone refers to me as  lonely and for the first time I realize, “I guess I

Am lonely…I didn’t feel lonely, I guess I am.”


Talking to strangers at the grocery store, at the doctors office.

Grasping for hugs, but always wanting another hug, I want another one, and another…

Remembering, yes remembering, god is always here.

I will not be alone forever!


Being strong!

Knowing that I am alone by choice, that I left “him” because he was not “the one”, better to be Lonely and doing the right thing than with someone for the wrong reasons.


I will not be alone forever…There will be time for love again…


God enters the darkest rooms.

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